Any information on MHMarkets Copytrade service (hereinafter referred to as “this service”) aims to provide the public with trading dynamics and information services for traders and followers. MHMarkets CopyTrade service does not provide any form of investment advice. The trading strategies and trading signals generated by the system provided by this service do not represent any form of recommendation or inducement information. MHMarkets does not encourage users to invest in CFDs, derivatives and other financial instruments. Hereinafter referred to as "this statement"

This Agreement is signed by Mohicans Markets Limited ("the Company") and an individual or company registered on the website www.mhmarkets.info ("the official website") who has expressly accepted these terms and conditions.

This Service has taken prudent steps to verify the information, but does not guarantee that all the information contained is accurate. Please understand that our information may be incomplete, or there may be omissions or delays. Neither the service nor the independent information provider shall be responsible for any action taken due to error, incompleteness, delay, inaccuracy or reliance on information of the Service. All forecasts or opinions (such as forecasts of future exchange rate changes) and trading activities based on these forecasts represent only the personal opinions and behaviors of third parties and do not represent the position of this service. You must understand that the third party's forecast does not represent any form of performance commitment, please do not directly or indirectly follow suit. You must conduct independent analysis to make investment judgments, and at the same time, you should understand that the investment behavior made based on the judgment of the service content may generate actual profits or losses. Based on the trading strategies and signals provided by this service, the investment behavior you make using the personal configuration trading system is the result of your own decision, and you need to take all risks by yourself.

This service makes it clear that trading in CFDs, derivatives and other financial instruments brings not only benefits, but also considerable risks. This service is only suitable for followers who have a certain understanding of high-risk investments. You can use your spare funds to invest, and it should not affect your daily expenses. The past performance of any trading strategy is not indicative of its future performance. Generally, future exchange rate changes are unpredictable, which means that no personal strategy, financial advisor, manual or automatic trading system can guarantee that any form of forecast may generate profits. Therefore, investment forecasts must be judged through your own analysis and do not follow blindly.

All financial product trading instructions generated by users using the personal configuration trading system are deemed to be authorized to be executed by you. You must understand and agree based on the information provided by this service, and all risks arising from the use of the personal configuration trading system and the CopyTrade system shall be borne by you. This service is not responsible for the instructions of the trading system. You shall take all the consequences arising from the use of the personal configuration trading program. This service will not be responsible for your losses, and will not be responsible for the fees and expenses incurred as a result of your use of personal system tradings.

Neither MHMarkets nor any partner of this service can guarantee that your investment based on the information provided by this service and using the personal configuration trading system will be profitable. In addition, this service will not be liable for any client loss caused by the delay or negligence of a third party (such as a company that is the provider of this service or a cooperative introducing broker). In addition to the above, MHMarkets clearly states that it will not take any responsibility for the strategies and trading signals provided by traders.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

1. The laws and regulations of the place where Mohicans Markets Limited is registered shall regulate this agreement and disputes arising between the parties to this agreement, unless there is a law that specifies other jurisdictional laws.

2. In any civil or other proceedings in which a party seeks to realize its rights under this Agreement, or seek to declare any rights or obligations under this Agreement, each party to the contract shall accept the fees and expenses of its attorneys. The contracting parties acknowledge exclusive jurisdiction and venue.

3. The company may provide this agreement or any other documents, information and messages to partners in multiple languages. This agreement stipulates that the partner shall recognize and confirm that the working language of the company is Chinese. In the event of inconsistencies and misinformation between non-Chinese representations of any documents, information and messages and Chinese representations, both parties will take Chinese documents, messages and messages as the standard.

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