Deposit Bonus

Bonus Duration:2022.09.01-10.31

In order to increase the customer's ability to resist risks in trading, MHMarkets has launched a deposit bonus, the details are as follows:

Bonus Duration:September 1st 00:00-October 31st 23:59, 2022 (server time)

Applicable Products:Forex, Gold, Crude Oil

Bonus Requirements:

Deposit Amount USD
Bonus Amount USD
Lots requirements
Above 50,000

Note  The deposit amount refers to the single deposit amount of a single transaction account within one month, and the deposits will be totaled in each deposit.

Rules for Deposit Bonus:

1. This deposit bonus is only applicable to STD/STP account types and can resist losses.

2. Each customer can only apply for a deposit bonus once per trading account per month; after the client makes a deposit, they can contact the account manager or send an email to through the account opening email address to apply for the deposit bonus; For more deposit bonuses, see the table above.

3. When applying for a withdrawal / transferring out funds with the same name/applying for a deposit bonus withdrawal, it will be calculated whether the trading account has completed the number of trading lots required for the deposit bonus (multiple applications for deposit bonus, and no withdrawal/transfer with the same name). /For the withdrawal of the deposit bonus, the trading lot required for the deposit bonus will be accumulated):

3.1 After completing 70% of the required trading lot, 50% of the deposit bonus that has been issued can be withdrawn; when the completed trading lot is less than 70% of the total deposit bonus, the deposit bonus will be fully deducted.

3.2 After completing 100% of the required trading lot, the deposit bonus can be fully withdrawn.

3.3 When applying for the withdrawal of the deposit bonus, after confirming that the number of trading lots reaches the standard, the deposit bonus corresponding to the withdrawal will be transferred from the credit amount to the balance of the trading account.

3.4 When applying for withdrawal / transfer of funds with the same name, after confirming that the number of trading lots has reached the standard, the corresponding deposit bonus will be given for withdrawal or transfer with the same name.

3.5 When the client only applies for the withdrawal of the profit part, the deposit bonus will not be deducted (the profit part is calculated by subtracting the total deposit amount from the net value of the trading account that received the deposit bonus).

4. For abnormal trading customers (including but not limited to second orders, hedging, delayed arbitrage, pushing orders, etc.), once found, the profits from all abnormal trading orders will be deducted, and the deposited bonus will be recovered.

5. MHMarkets reserves the right to revise, suspend, and terminate this activity and related terms, and has the final right to interpret this activity.

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