Deposit Bonus

Bonus Duration:2022.10.01-12.31

In order to increase the customer's ability to resist risks in trading, MHMarkets has launched a deposit bonus, the details are as follows:

Bonus Duration:October 1st 00:00-December 31st 23:59, 2022 (server time)

Applicable Products:Forex, Gold, Crude Oil

Bonus Requirements:

Deposit Amount USD
Bonus Amount USD
Lots requirements
Above 50,000

Note  The deposit amount refers to the single deposit amount of a single transaction account within one month, and the deposits will be totaled in each deposit.

Rules for Deposit Bonus:

1. The bonus of this activity is used as risk margin and is applicable to STD/STP account types.

2. Each client can only apply for bonus once a month, and the bonus will be received within 24 hours; Clients will apply for more bonus when they centralize deposit every month. See the table above for details.

3. When clients apply for withdrawal or fund transfer, the trading account will be accounted for whether the number of trading lots required to complete the bonus. If it is completed, the bonus can be withdrawn together; If not, all bonus will be deducted (transfer between accounts under the client's name will be regarded as the withdrawal of the account). If clients have not apply for bonus, the number of trading lots required for bonus will be accumulated to the next time.

4. If the client fails to complete the number of trading lots when applying for withdrawal or fund transfer, the bonus will be deducted. (No deduction for the profit part)

5. When applying for cash withdrawal of deposit and bonus, after the number of trading lots reaches the standard, the corresponding bonus will be transferred from the credit amount to the account balance. When the number of lots reaches, but the bonus decreases due to trading, the remaining bonus will be paid.

6. Non-compliant tradings clients (including but not limited to buying or selling in second, hedging, deferred arbitrage, manipulating quotations and etc.), once found, the profits from all arbitrage orders will be deducted and bonus has been given will be recovered.

7. MHMarkets reserves the right to amend, suspend and terminate this activity and its related terms. MHMarkets has the final interpretation right of this activity.

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